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About Us

Cocoa powder is the main product of the company. Products produced by the specific manufacturing Process developed by a professional, well-managed application of the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Management System, that makes KOKONA and KAKAWNA as a distinctive and always meets the needs of the processed food industry


Key Executives  : Sugeng Cahyono

Jl. Ranca Bolang No. 29 Village of Manjahlega, Districts of Rancasari City of Bandung, West Java Province, 40286 INDONESIA

Telp : +6222-7514657

Business  : Cocoa Processing Plant

Jl. Cijelag – Cikamurang

Km. 16 No. 89 Village of Sakurjaya, Districts of  Ujungjaya Regency of Sumedang – West Java Province 45383 INDONESIA

Products   : Fine Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Brand name   “KOKONA” & “KAKAWNA”
Business size  : Cocoa Production Capacity 100  MT/Month
Form of ownership  : Limited Liability Company, 100% Domestic Investment, Ownership by Amanda Brownies Group